June 18, 2009

MS Word Page Number Rearrange Problem

While working with Microsoft Office Word 2003, I found a problem in page number system.
If you assemble a word document from various document with page number applied to them then it is very difficult to arrenge them in the new page number order.
e.g. If you take some pages from document1.doc with page numbers 1 to 10 also you take some pages from document2.doc with page number 35 to 40 and save in the new document let's say document3.doc . Now you want to arrenge the them from 1 to 16(10+6) then you are in big trouble.

I tried to delete page number and to give fresh number but I couldn't.I didn't any straight forward solution. I and my colleague(Rajesh) found a solution for that.You want to change page number 35 with page number 11 so go to page number 35 select the footer section now your page number gets highlighted then go to Insert -> Page Number -> Format then in Start at section change the number 35 to 10(not 11) then Ok -> Ok. Now you will see the magic that page number 35 converted to 11 and so on.

Try this and tell me are you suceeded or not???
If you know better solution for this then please share with me on my email - tushar.chaudhari.2k7@gmail.com

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