November 26, 2012

TV + Smart Box = Smart TV

When I was teenager, video game was the buzz word. I was very curious about video games and that is not because of game but my curiosity was about connecting the video games devices to television (TV). Attaching different kinds of devices added new dimension to TV, and that can be used for other purposes rather only watching TV programs. Over the past few years, TV technology hasn’t upgraded much, but now TV becomes a multi-faceted device named as Smart TV.

As we are in touch with the terms like smart card, smart phone, smart money, but what does smart means? Oxford dictionary says smart means neat, stylish, fashionable, clever or ingenious. I think all these terminologies defines smart TV because it is a television set with integrated network and web connectivity facilities to connect to the internet.

The operating system and inbuilt network connectivity facilities present in Smart TV that allows us to connect to the internet, also it allows us to install and run applications as like smart phone. The smart TV is not only a TV set, but also it integrates set-top box, LAN port, blu-ray player, game console, etc devices. These devices allow user to play games, to surf on Web, to communicate with people, to search and view movies, audios, videos, photos on the Web, cable TV channel, or storage device.

The companies like Samsung, Sony, LG, Lenovo, etc are selling smart TV, but they charge much. If you have already bought a TV which doesn’t have smart capabilities, even though don’t worry. Any type of TV (CRT or LCD or LED) can be converted into smart TV, you just need a smart box. Smart box or smart TV box is a small device which adds smart label (capabilities) to regular TV.
I think, smart box is a complete package like a computer. It has a processor, operating system, set-top box, internal storage, wireless mouse and keyboard, WiFi router, LAN port, USB ports, card reader, motion sensor remote control, and HDMI audio-video ports. Then why do we need a Netbook? The smart box currently available in the market provides an Android OS which allows us to access the wide range of apps through Google Play.

The companies like Akai, Amkette, Portronics, Kickstarter and Equiso are selling smart box in the market. Akai smart box cost Rs. 6590, Amkette’s EvoTV box cost around Rs. 10,000 and Portronics Limebox cosy Rs. 8500. 

So, enjoy the new dimension in the arena of television.

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