March 25, 2014

India’s costliest soap - Mysore Sandal Millennium

While roaming in departmental store, I saw the very attractive packing of my favorite soap Mysore Sandal with brand name Mysore Sandal Millennium.  This is the costliest soap of India in my knowledge. Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Ltd (KSDL), the Karnataka government undertaking PSU has launched this premium category soap.

The second costliest soap available in Indian market is Mysore Sandal Classic. The premium soap is 10 to 12 time costlier than Mysore Sandal Classic. The cost of 150 gm Mysore Sandal Millennium soap is Rs. 720.

The soap is grade I soap with 80% TFM content. 150 gm soap contains 3% pure real sandalwood oil. The soap contains the real sandalwood 5 times than regular Mysore Sandal soap. The soap is pure vegetarian soap with vegetable oil rather than any animal fat.  It contains skin conditioners like almond oil, hydrolysed milk protein, glycerin and vitamin E. Company has designed special packaging for the soap to retain the fragrance and visibility. KSDL says the soap don’t require any brand ambassador because original sandalwood oil is their USP.

The world’s priciest soap is “Qatar Royal Soap”. The soap cost $3800 (approx. Rs. 2,28,000). The soap is made up of pure gold dust, olive oil and virgin honey.

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Suvarna Kumar said...

Hi, Very nice post Mysore Sandalwood soaps are a very good soaps for skin care, it glows and keeps the skin fresh in natural way.

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