January 30, 2012

Review of Aadhaar Card (UID) form: Bugs of Aadhaar card forms

When I brought an enrolment form to get Aadhaar card for me, I found some silly mistakes in Aadhaar card’s enrolment form, which I would like to share with you.
1.     To fill the address details there is an option to enter your village/town/city and district place, but there is no such provision to enter your Taluka (or tehsil). For giving the complete address details, Taluka is equally important
2.     This is the first form which I have ever seen without the signature of the applicant
3.      In this form, part ‘B’ is entitled as “Relation Details” and in Marathi it is entitled as “नातेवाईकांची माहीती”. In Marathi it is ok but in English it should be “Relationship Details”
4.     Part ‘B’ is entitled as नातेवाईकांची माहीतीwhich is plural but there is only one column to fill the details of relationship
5.     Part ‘B’ is to be filled compulsory for children below age 5. To fill the relationship details of the child, options are given mother/father/wife/husband/guardian. If the child the below the age 5, how can the option husband/wife legally applicable to him or her?
6.     In part C, after Phone No./Mobile No., option is given to fill Email it is incorrect. Email means Electronic Mail, it should be Email ID.

There is one additional form with this form named as “Additional Information for Maharashtra Government”. This form is in Marathi language only which has number of uncountable mistakes. Here, I am mentioning few of them. In section 17, if boy/girl is “बालकामगार” this means the child is part time worker or full time worker. If the child is working part time or full time then how can that child go to school as a full time?  Section 19 takes educational details…………..

How can be this project become successful if the initial step towards the project is with so many mistakes? So, I request you to take all the above points into consideration and take some serious action at the earliest.

I sent this email to Prime minister, Nandan Nilkeni, Oposition leader of Lok sabha and Rajya sabha, CM of Maharashtra.....But no one has given attention to this issue.

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