January 5, 2013

Comments and suggestions to justice Verma panel

Respected Sir,

Here are some comments and suggestions,

1. I strongly believe that castration is the perfect punishment for the rapist rather than hanging. He/she should know the value of the others life. In TOI news, doctors say "chemical castration is not practical" but as US, UK practicing the castration against rapist so we need to study whether they use chemical and/or surgical castration? But while using these we should take care of fundamental right about gender discrimination.

2. Even though, people are saying about more lady police for registering FIR, investigation etc so that woman/girl can have easy access to police station. But what is the problem with male police? Will they don't register FIR of a woman/girl which was raped? Do they have soft corner for rapist?  I think woman police is not only solution to the problem. Chargesheet plays crucial role in filing the case. We should give special training to registering proper FIR against rape, investigating the case, collecting more and more evidences. We should also take care of fake rape cases because there are many examples of fake rape case. We should not make a law against male. Experience about misuse of section 498A was terrible (SC says most of 498a cases are fake). 

Sometimes rape may be emotional not intentional that thing also be considered in investigation. Also, after that mistake, is there any possibility of reformation?

3. There should be a toll free number so that victim can call (if possible) for help at that number or if call is uncompleted they police can find the location and reach to the location using GPS and GIS technologies.

4. People are talking about surveillance camera but it is not feasible to install camera. Where should we install camera? in rush places or outskirts or only on selected urban areas? what about rural areas? (75% rape cases are from rural areas)

5. In rape cases we always consider rapist as a male but what about female rapist/ sexual harasser? I know the cases are few but we should also consider this in the amendment.

6. Special training programs should be arranged for women and girls. In that they should get training of what to do in such situation.

7. I believe that, "Prevention is better than cure". Ladies should take care about roaming at late night or no man's land. As we are living in the cultural country like India then we should also follow our culture about living, wearing, roaming, etc. But in this matter girls/women are stick to fundamental right. I want to say that if you (male or female) live out of box then you should be like that, you should be able to bear effects of that and you should not blame government or law.

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