December 5, 2012

India has no national game

In my earlier post, I wrote about national language of India. Today, I am writing about national game of India. In India, cricket is like a religion but hockey was considered as a national game. I am saying “considered” because hockey is NOT a national game of India. This is quite surprising; rather I say shocking because everybody learned in the school textbook that hockey is national game of India. Thanks to RTI (Right to Information) act and the girl who filed an RTI query.

VIIth class student, Aishwarya Parashar filed an RTI query requesting information on national anthem, symbol, game, bird, animal and flower. In the reply of this query, ministry of youth affairs and sports cleared that India has NO national game; this means hockey is not our national game.

Our school textbook claims that hockey is our national game. Such spreading of erroneous knowledge through the textbooks reminds me the funny sentence written on the T-shirt – “I was born intelligent but education ruined me”.

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