September 12, 2014

How to make your strong and easily recallable password?

Nowadays, people are becoming more and more social, not in living life but in digital life. When you register for some social networking web site or some emailing service or some web service, you need to decide your password to login and use that service. So password plays crucial role in digital life. One survey regarding password says that “password”, “12345” and “qwerty” are the most common passwords of new users. There is a fear of stealing your digital identity by hacking or cracking your password this is why you need a strong password. I am sharing some tips to make strong password and in the latter part of this article, I am sharing how to remember long and strong password easily.

  • The thumb rule for strong password is making it as long as you can, minimum 8 characters are recommended.
  • Go for combinations of letters (uPPer and LOweR case), numbers and special symbols.
  • Have a fun with characters and symbols e.g. bOMb@y2g0A (in simple bombay2goa…….I used @ instead of ‘a’ in Bombay and zero (0) instead of O in goa)
  • Avoid easily guessable words like your first name, last name, cell number, birth place, company name from your password.
  • Avoid dictionary words in the password because these are easily crackable.
  • Use local language word in the password. E.g. “Mera Bharat Mahan” can be “meRabhARatmaHAn”
  • Use initial letters of each word from some proverb or sentence.  e.g.  “Olive oil contains high amounts of monounsaturated fat” the password may be “oochaomf”
  • Do not use same password for all usernames.
  • Revive your password in 2-3 months.

Some examples of strong passwords,

physics experiment – phY$icsXperiment
unsolved mystery – Un$0lved_mYstry
traumatic time – traUmat!c#t!me
Wealth and power – We@LthNpOwR
Life is about being aware of things around – liAbaoTa
My Daughter, Akshaya, Born On 2nd May 2014 – mdAbo2M14

We have many usernames and many passwords, so how can we remember all passwords? Now, I am going to share the tricks to remember the password. First you have to make one strong password on the basis of above guidelines. Then append shortcut word of the web site at end or in middle of that strong password.

e.g. The password “hUw!fstd” which is derived from “Here yoU Will Find SomeThing Different”

The password of Gmail may be - hUw!fstd _gml
The password of Facebook may be - hUw!fstd _FbK
The password of Yahoo may be - hUw!fstd _Y00
The password of Flipkart may be - hUw!fstd _fLkP

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