August 28, 2015

Things to know before buying a new laptop or desktop computer

I purchased my laptop on 09th Aug 2007. Those days, I was not that much technically sound in hardware. But, I compared a lot models, explored technology forums and after in depth comparative study, I made a decision on a model (HP Pavillion dv 6516tx). Most of people blindly purchase laptop or desktop computer without understanding the technical details of the configuration. In the article, Laptop or Desktop Computer - what should I purchase? I discussed about the best computer match for you. Here, I am going to discuss about importance of each key part of computer system. In this article, some parts of computer will not be applicable for laptop computer like monitor, keyboard but other parts will be same for both.
1.  Processor: This is one of the most important parts of computer system. As the name suggest, it processes/controls all activities of computer system with the help of operating system. I recommend Intel processor because they have a very good research in the development of desktop processors. It is always better to buy higher bit processor i.e. 64 bits processor is better than 32 bits processor, provided that, operating system and all other software will be of 64 bits.
2.    Cache memory: This is one of the ignored parts of computer system but cache memory is very important in terms of speed of computer system. Processor uses the cache memory to store frequently required data.
3.   RAM: This is the second most important part of computer system after processor. RAM is working space of computer system i.e. all the computer operations are carried out in RAM. If computer has a large RAM, then big number of applications can be run simultaneously.
4.   Operating System: This is another most important part of computer system. Processor controls all computer activities through operating system. Unless and until, there is no good software to run the hardware, that hardware will not make sense, so operating system plays a big role in operating computer system. Though, the system has a fast processor and large RAM and not compatible operating system then the PC will not give a better performance. For example, if processor is 64 bits and the operating system is 32 bits then that hardware utilise its half working capacity and half will be idle. So, 64 bits operating system and software should be installed on the system.
5.      Hard disk: This is used to store the data like documents, music files, photos, and videos. Usually people give more important to the hard disk size, but I don’t. I suggest do not buy a large capacity hard disk, rather you should buy additional external hard disk (preferably, solid state drive) to safely save the data. Don’t think about storing about videos and music files just think about your personal data, because you can transfer the music files and videos from someone but once your personal data gets loss then it cannot be recovered.
Hard disk is used to store the data like text documents, audio file or video files. Usually people think to have big size storage medium. But in my view, you should purchase maximum 500 GB hard disk because our personal data (not music files and movies) does not exceed 500 GB. I would recommend extra 500 GB external hard disk to store your personal data as a back safely.
6.    Graphics Card: This is the part of computer system that helps the processor to process the graphics stuff i.e. picture, video or animation. So, this is an additional processor to handle graphics. Usually, people buy this part without knowing its use. Actually, this should be purchased by those who professionally work in graphics and multimedia field like animators, graphics editors etc or CAD design field or HD game lovers. The users who don’t play HD games, those should not buy graphics card, it will unnecessarily increase the cost of computer system. The graphics card produces heat and if computer system has not proper air ventilation then system will be heated and this may cause IC burning problem. I have experienced the same incident. I talked with technician; he told me that most of such problems happened in summer.
7.   Battery: This part is not applicable for desktop computer but for laptop this is an important part. Average battery life of laptop computer is 2-3 years provided that you have used it properly. If you want to extend the battery life period then follow the rule that - “Plug charger to laptop when battery goes below 10% and completely charge it until it reaches to 100%. Do not plug in charger until it reaches to 10%”. Replacing battery with new one is the recurring expense for the laptop.
8.     Monitor: This is most known part of computer system. The monitor is used to display the output through screen. Technically, screen is the display device not monitor. The screen is fitted in monitor so in general speaking monitor is called display device. LED monitor/ screen should be purchased because of low consumption of electricity. In my opinion, touch screen should not be purchased because it is impractical to use touch screen for a big display devices. It is ok with mobile devices like cell phone or phablet or tablet.
9.   Fan: Fan is used to drain out heat which is generated by electronic components of computer. There should be sufficient heat sink for the computer.
10. USB Port: USB port facilitates faster communication between computer and external devices. There should be at least 3 USB ports to the system. In which at least one port should be USB 3.0 or eSATA or Thunderbolt because these are the next generation port for faster data transfer.
11.  Keyboard: Keyboard is used to give inputs to computer system. The inputs are in the forms of text or commands. I would recommend using HCL keyboard.
12. Mouse: Mouse is used to handle various computer activities like clicking, dragging etc. You can use USB wired or wireless mouse, but wireless mouse are expensive. For laptop users, I would recommend use mouse rather than touchpad. It’s easy to handle the computer through mouse. 
     In my view, while purchasing a computer, you need to select good & high speed processor and large RAM by considering a long term view.

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