November 29, 2010

Curriculum Vitae V/S Resume

Curriculum Vitae V/S Résumé is one of the hot topic of confusion. When I was working at Penn State, I discussed this topic with one of the English faculty and I am going to add some points from our discussion.

The terms résumé and curriculum vitae are used in different ways all over the world. In United States and in the English-speaking areas of Canada, the word résumé is used principally. In England, Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, the word curriculum vitae is used principally. In India and Australia the terms are using interchangeably. This doesn’t mean that curriculum vitae term is not used in United States, people are using alternate word but mainly they are using the particular word, same with other countries also.

Résumé should be shorter (approximately 1 or 2 pages most). Résumé is used for applying in the private sector. Résumé should be more specific skills and achievements.

Curriculum Vitae is also called Vita, but not Curriculum Vita (this is wrong word to replace Curriculum Vitae) and it is acronym as CV. It gives detailed information about you. It includes information about educational and academic background, teaching and research experience, publication, awards, honors and etc. CV is used to apply for internship, fellowship, teaching and etc.

So which is the perfect word for you CV or Résumé???

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