November 29, 2010

Dehradun City – A Review

In Nov 2009, I got a chance to visit Dehradun for official work. Here, I am sharing my experience and views about Dehradun city. First thing I want to tell you that, Delhi-Dehradun is a very time consuming journey and I suggest don’t take any private bus to travel. I have a very bad experience of private bus that I don’t want to share. I spend Rs. 852 to travel from Delhi to Dehradun through private and so called luxury bus. Delhi to Dehradun journey by ISBT (state government bus) is cheap but very time consuming. It takes 7 hours to travel only 245 km. I recommend to take rail if feasible, which cost more but takes only 3-4 hours (Shatabdi Express).

I don’t understand why people are so fascinated about the city? Some people may like it because of pleasant weather and some (boys) may like because of cute girls, but are these the criteria to like any city?

Dehradun is not a fast city like Mumbai and Delhi, here life runs very smoothly. Like any, Dehradun has some positive as well as negative points. Rickshaw, breakfast rates are very costly. Worst thing is that, you have to eat Parathas (aalu or muli), Chhole-bhatore, Maggie or Pav bhaji in your breakfast. In an average looking restaurant, I shocked by looking at the rate board; wada sambar – Rs. 30, dosa – Rs. 40, tea – Rs. 6, I exited from that place without eating anything. Rickshaws are terribly expensive. I paid Rs. 140 from IIRS to WII, but I was shocked when I have to pay Rs. 30 for just 1.65 km.

If you want to roam in and around Dehradun, there is not a single pleasing place (except some local attractions). Only options are Mussoorie and Rajaji National Park. I heard that Massoorie is nice hill station. I had a chance to visit Massoorie but I avoided it because of company. It feels very boring to roam alone. I was eager to visit Rajaji National Park but you need own vehicle to get in. So I decided to roam in the marketplace that is near to Ghanta ghar. The market was not so impressive. I think that market is only for women and girls. I found fewer shops, where I can buy for myself. You shall find almost all shops in the market have fixed rates. The interesting fact about market is that, it is closed up to 9 pm.

I heard that, Chat is very good in North India. But in case of Dehradun, I found Band Tikki, Pani Puri and one more item (that I don’t remember). In Maharashtra, you can find a lot chat items. 

In a week, I ate Patta kobi 6 times, but I don’t blame the city because it’s my bad luck that, Patta kobi followed me even at Dehradun, after Jalgaon, Hyderabad and Penn State (USA).

Vikram (tam-tam) is a nice and cheaper option to roam in the city than Rickshaw. I don’t know about city bus but I think their frequency is very low, so people prefer Vikram. You will find a good number of banks (specially nationalized) and ATMs in the city.

Overall, in my view, Dehradun is an average city.

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